How to Place Lures to Catch Pokémon

Nowadays, the Pokémon Go is the topmost game in the market and its air is spread everywhere.  One of the most exciting and strongest items in the famous game of Pokémon Go is the lures. This feature is available on Pokemon Go APK latest version. Lures are rarely found items of the game. With the help of lures, the Pokémon can be captured easily. Many items are there in Pokémon which are available in a huge number of the players but Lures are the community items which can be used only once by a one person.


From the below information, you will find out how to use the lures in the Pokémon Go game and where you can find these items. Have a look below:

How to use the Lures in the game of Pokémon Go

The lure is a very important item inside the Pokémon Go and using them within the game is very simple. Here are some of the steps to be followed to use the lures in the game. Have a look at them:

  • The lures can be used only at the pokestops. So, to use them you need to visit the pokestop.
  • As soon as you reach the pokestop, now you have the access to use the lure. Now sit properly at the pokestop and try to relax.
  • On the main screen of the Pokemon Go, click on the pokestop.
  • Once the pokestop is opened, you will be able to see a cylindrical icon of white color above the picture of pokestop. You need to click that icon.
  • Then a screen will appear in front of you that will ask you whether you want to use the lure or not. Then you need to say yes and confirm it.
  • Now you need to go back to the main screen to see whether lure is usable or not. The identity for it is that the pokestop will now be decorated with the purple flowers all around. If this is being seen it means that the lure is now active and you can use it.

One thing to not about the lures is that they will remain activated for only 30 minutes and also you need to be closer to the pokestop to use them and have ultimate fun. Even if you want to go somewhere, do not go too away from the pokestop.

Task performed by the Lures

Lures perform the task to lure out the pokemon to the location where you are present. Here are some of the important facts regarding lures and the tasks performed by them:

  • There is no timer with lures as with the incense and the lucky eggs. As soon as 30 minutes get over, they will disappear. As the lure disappears, the purple flowers will be stopped being emitted from the pokestop.
  • On an average of 5 minutes, the lure causes the spawning of the Pokemon.
  • Due to the high spawning of the Pokémon, the XP will get doubled.

Therefore as many benefits are associated with the lures, so go for the Pokemon Go for PC Download today.

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