Mountain Bike Shoes – What You should know before Buying them to avoid any Careless Mistakes

Get any sport shoe and start riding? Is that what you think is good for mountain biking but the harsh truth is non-mountain shoes would reduce your efficiency, increase fatigue and also risk it on pedal skidding. The websites features some of the best mountain bikes on the market and also focuses on their performance & outstanding performance factors. The other most important factors that must be considered to avoid any careless mistake and to enjoy a hassle free bike ride are briefed below:


Designs of Mountain Bike Shoes

The clipless mountain bike shoes are designed with mounted cleats, which differ according to its manufacturer. The large count of mountain shoes on market creates confusion among buyers. So, before you go ahead to buy a mountain shoe, you can consider some of the features which will help you to add value to your riding experience.

Before you consider looking out for these shoes, it’s important to know the three major types of shoes which currently exist in the market. These are categorized and build to suffice to various needs. You can select them according to your requirement and the type of rides you apt often.

Cross Country

These type of shoes are stiff that helps to fix your feet to avoid slipping. They are light weight and promises excellent power transfer and also lead to less loss caused from abrasion.

Downhill and Enduro

The downhill and endure shoes are comparatively heavier and more durable. They offer great comfort to walk in and are slightly less stiff. However their power transfer efficiency is not good but they do carry a casual appearance.

Category Killer

The category killer shoes are ones with best power transfer and are very stiff and difficult to walk with it. They have the best performance and durability and are an absolute pick for all mountain bikers.

Key points to consider in Mountain Biking Shoes

Mountain biking shoes should most significantly have two-bolt holes pattern with a smaller cleat. These shoes should have sufficient rubber and tread which provides a good traction protecting midsole thereby providing stiffness and a good pedaling platform. It is also necessary for you to check the reviews of the best mountain bike shoes on the website before buying.

  1. Before choosing on the mountain bike shoes, what you should consider is the type of ride you apt for quite often.
  1. If you are a trail or cross country riders, you should be considering shoes with good power transfer. A combination of excellent power transfer and smooth running with excellent traction is the best mix of such riders and the best features to consider while buying.
  1. If you are a downhill or enduro rider, durability should be your major lookout. For such rides you should prefer something with stiffer and better power transfer.

Final Say

These are the quintessential points that one must look for prior purchasing mountain biking shoes. These factors effectively contribute to a safe and enjoyable ride on rough and deadly-patched terrains and off-roads.


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